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About Me

My name is Evan and I'm a Surrey / London based Camera Assistant & Photographer. I have worked on both short and long form content, more specifically music videos, short films, commercials & a micro budget feature film.

I have experience using cinema cameras, such as: ARRI Alexa Mini, Blackmagic Ursa Mini & Sony F5.

In my free time I am a street photographer and work as a Cinematographer / Director / Editor on personal projects.



Film & Media Experience

Magnificent - Oh Wonder (Music Video)

Camera Trainee

March 2022

Key responsibilities for this shoot were ensuring all batteries were fully charged & swapped out whenever needed, loading the slate prior to each take & assisting the AC with lens changes on the Sony Venice.

Magic Casting

Camera Assistant

February 2022

This was one of my first experiences on a professional film shoot, for the shoot I was learning under DoP Dave Pimm. My responsibilities included performing lens changes, keeping all footage backed up & setting up / derigging the camera (blackmagic).

Feel Like It - Belle Dame (Music Video)

Director / Director of Photography

June 2022

This music video was a low-budget paid shoot, I used this experience to familiarise myself with all sorts of camera / lighting kit & practice proper set etiquette. Being able to work on projects like these keep me creative & improving my skills.

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